Soft Contents Restoration In Dallas

Flooding in modern kitchenUnexpected disasters such as fires, floods, or mold can cause extreme damage to the décor items and personal belongings within your home. Paul Davis Restoration of North Dallas is available when you need repair assistance. Through our textile restoration services, our team works to restore the contents of your home when they are damaged. Rest assured, your possessions are in safe hands with our professionals.

What Is Textile Restoration?

Textile restoration involves a skilled professional who uses emerging technologies to clean and repair your soft items. These items could include things such as carpets, blankets, luggage, or anything with a soft material that might be in your home. When a severe flood, fire, or mold damages a person’s home, they often fear their belongings are unsalvageable. Paul Davis Restoration of North Dallas believes that your valuable items and heirlooms should not go to waste after an emergency. We have perfected the art of cleaning and restoring textiles and other soft materials.

Soft Contents Restoration Process

Once we have identified the areas in your home that need the most consideration and cleanup, we will prepare the area by packing damaged items within the space. We will carefully transport your possessions to our main contents-handling center for processing. Common household items that we can repair include:

  • Leather goods: These items include purses, leather shoes, and wallets.  
  • Clothing and shoes: Don’t let your favorite sweater or jackets go to loss. We can restore your clothing and shoes to good condition.
  • Toys and stuffed animals: Our team can save your children’s beloved toys and stuffed animals from being trashed after damage.
  • Sporting equipment: Sporting supplies and equipment are expensive, and it can be hard to see them ruined. Allow us to clean and restore your equipment to like-new status.
  • Linens and drapery: We can rejuvenate your damaged curtains, drapes, and linens, making it easier to get your home back to its original state.

The professionals at our contents-handling center use elaborate washing tools, such as an industrial level wash system, a freeze-drying system, and ultrasonic cleaning equipment to recover your possessions. Explore the before and after examples of items and homes that Paul Davis Restoration of North Dallas has rehabilitated over the years. Fabric restoration can save you and your family from excessive loss of personal possessions following a disaster, as well as protect your most treasured and meaningful items.

While we are restoring your small-scale soft items at the handling center, our in-home team members will work on the structural clean-up within the home. We perform as quickly and efficiently as possible to get your items and home back to functionality.

Our High-Tech Repair Equipment: The Esporta Wash System

Our establishment is equipped with the Esporta Wash System. This breakthrough tool cleans over 99% of your water- or smoke-damaged soft contents and textiles. Our patented wet-wash machinery is capable of almost entirely removing damage. The Esporta Wash System can remove smoke, bacteria, soot, water, and other particles from textiles and other soft contents.

The system is capable of intense cleaning due to its high-tech functions, such as its Hydraulic Action Process. The Esporta Wash System contains pockets within the drum of the machine. We place damaged items inside these pockets and then spin them with water and detergents to ensure a thorough cleaning. This complete process is known as hydraulic action and has been conducted in several research trials and tests to confirm that the process successfully cleanses your products.

Our team has the proper training and education to use this intricate wash system. We are confident in restoring your damaged items with assistance from our Esporta Wash System and other types of equipment.

Leave Your Soft Contents Damages To Us

Here at Paul Davis Restoration of North Dallas, we take pride in rejuvenating your beloved treasures, and we will do all that we can to save your belongings. As one of the first networks to actively collaborate with insurance industries in cleaning and restoring property damage, we offer computerized estimating and line-item pricing to best assist our customers.

If you are in Carrollton, North Dallas, or the surrounding areas, and a disaster caused damage to your home, do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team will work with you to find innovative solutions and begin the textile restoration process.