Emergency Supplies to Have on Hand at Your Commercial Property

The commercial emergency equipment needed on-site at your property will partly depend on the size and type of business operations occurring there. Other factors include the physical site, type of structure, business systems in place, and number of employees. If customers visit the commercial property, their well-being must also be… Read more »

Two rescue workers in vests and hardhats search through debris from destroyed building

Envisioning Environmental Risks at Your Commercial Property

Whether you are entering the commercial real estate market for the first time, or have been a long-term property owner, environmental factors impact the value of your investment. Each business site is individual, usually with a history of human activity. An important way to protect your investment is by determining… Read more »

Policyholder holding form and pen reviewing insurance information with broker

Consulting with Insurance Carriers for Your Commercial Property

For business owners who experience a disaster at their commercial property, getting your business operating like normal again can feel overwhelming. Filing a claim with your insurance provider is a crucial step in the restoration process. As critical as it is, responding to a claim immediately after an event may… Read more »

Emergency preparedness kit with various supplies

Preparing Tenants for Emergency Situations

Being a landlord is a unique investment and business opportunity that affords a variety of benefits. However, this highly lucrative venture comes with its fair share of responsibilities. The biggest responsibility is the well-being of your tenants. As the owner of a residential property, you are responsible for maintaining living… Read more »

Black pickup truck driving through flooded street on main road with commercial businesses

How Maintenance Saves You Commercial Damage Costs

Disasters resulting in property damage can be a nightmare for commercial property owners. This is especially the case when the damage compromises the safety of tenants or interferes with business operations. Luckily, there are things that business owners can do to mitigate some of the costs or consequences of damage… Read more »

Storefront with plywood covering windows and entranceway

Seasonal Preparedness Recovery Plans for Storm Conditions

For commercial business owners in North Dallas and the surrounding areas, hurricane season is a daunting time. From June 1 to November 30, business owners must be prepared for the worst, especially from August through October. Commercial business owners must remain prepared in the event a natural disaster occurs. That… Read more »

Fallen tree blocking storefront entrance of brick building in city

Storm Recovery Damage Response for Every Scenario

For commercial property owners who focus all their attention on what happens indoors, it can be easy to overlook the dangers that can occur outside. Few events can be as devastating as a severe storm. Commercial properties are prone to numerous unwanted outcomes from powerful storms, often including significant damages,… Read more »

Worker in hard hat examines gushing water leak at commercial property

Major Leak Risks in a Commercial Property

Commercial property owners want to protect their investment, as well as customers and employees. While there may seem to be a variety of repairs and renovations that always need attention, systems related to water and water leaks should be addressed as quickly as possible. Water leaks in commercial properties are… Read more »

Insurance inspector examines mold from water damage in commercial building

Health Hazards Caused by Mold and Mildew in Commercial Properties

When commercial properties exhibit mold from water damage, health risks are a cause for concern. Not only can mold be a factor in the deterioration of your structure, but it can pose a serious health hazard to your tenants, employees, and customers. Paul Davis Restoration of North Dallas offers professional… Read more »

Man puts hands on head in gesture of shock while surveying destroyed house

Owners vs. Tenants: Where Responsibilities Lie

Landlords for residential tenants have day-to-day responsibilities when it comes to maintaining rental properties. They are required to keep the residence up to code and safe and to make repairs that occur due to normal wear and tear. But what are residential property management responsibilities in the case of disasters?… Read more »